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Glass Dragonfly Lily Handcrafted Collectible Figurine

Glass Dragonfly Lily Handcrafted Collectible Figurine

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Dragonfly on Lily

"The Dragonfly on Lily Figurine Transforms Your Space into a Magical Garden of Beauty and Grace. Let the Magic Bloom!"

  • This figurine shows a dragonfly on a flower, all made by hand with a lot of care
  • It's made even more special with 22Kt gold details, making it look rich and fancy.
  • It's not very big, only about 4.75 inches tall and 4 inches wide, but it still looks amazing and will catch your eye.
  • It sits on a mirror that's been cut by hand, so it doesn't just look great, it also reflects light and adds a special touch.

Glassblowers create stunning objects with fire and glass rods. They start with glass that is hot and liquid and mold it into beautiful shapes. Every piece is handcrafted by our skilled artisans, who also add their own unique features and motifs. This implies that each item we make is distinct. We invite you to view our collection and experience the beauty that results from the deft use of fire and glass by our talented artists.


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